Meaning of Viyan name

In India, the name Viyan means - special knowledge. The name Viyan is most often used as a boy or male name.

Viyan name numerology

Pythagorean or Western Numerology

Destiny number is 8
A Destiny number of 8 opens the door for you to strive for accomplishment and success in your work and life. Setting goals and working dilligently toward them will reward you with many gains including authority, personal recognition and financial success. It is important that you do not set financial gain as your only goal in your endeavors in life, although you will likely find that with hard work that will be one of your rewards. Work instead for the sense of accomplishment of a job well done and for the simple love of doing what you do and happiness and success will likely follow.
How we calculated this number?
V(4) + I(9) + Y(7) + A(1) + N(5) = 26, 2 + 6 = 8

Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean number is 5
How we calculated this number?
V(6) + I(1) + Y(1) + A(1) + N(5) = 14, 1 + 4 = 5

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